Lift Axle Monitor





The Proviso is an electronic lift axle control system for trailers. It lifts and locks in reverse like other Wheel Monitor products, but has automatic lift based on axle load weight. It has axle load weight sensitive and can be set to raise and lower the axle based on the trailer's load. It monitors the position of the lift axle and offers an in-cab light and lift axle switch for axle position monitoring and lift control.

The Proviso has serial communications for trailer monitoring and remote inputs. Proviso can control the functions of liftable axles and steering lift axles and has speed sensitive functions for locking steer axles. The automatic lifting and/or locking of steering axles can save tire wear and mechanical wear of the axle.

The Proviso can meet SPIF requirements and Alberta logging trailer requirements. The Proviso can be preset for easy installation and has tamperproof features.

Functional Overview

• Built-in axle load monitoring sensor
• Lifts and lowers lift axle automatically
• Can control axle lift based on axle load weight
• Indicator for loader nearing max load
• Trailer axle load interface
• Speed sensitive lock of steer axle
• RS232 interface and monitoring messages
• RS232 command lift axle (geo-fencing)