Reverse-A-Matic™ RM-50




The Reverse-A-Matic™ RM-50 system combines functional
value with trailer safety operations. The Reverse-A-Matic™ trailer direction sensing system is a stand alone device that is independent from the cab. The Reverse-A-Matic™ system automatically locks and/or lifts a self-steer or lift axle.

The Lift Axle functions meet SPIF regulations for 3 & 4 axle trailers by removing control from the cab. The Reverse-A-Matic™ RM-50 system has a second output, which will turn on backup lights and/or beeper while reversing to add safety and convenience. By activating the back up lights on the trailer you can illuminate the path behind the trailer and warn others of your presence.


• Turns on the trailer backup lights.
• Activates backup alarm system.
• Inserts a steer axle's locking pin to secure it for straight operation
• Raises the trailer lift axle for easy maneuvering.

Optional auxiliary functions:
• Activates a dome light inside the trailer.
• Chassis lights for night safety
• Performas Any 12-Volt operation desired during or after backing up a trailer.