Wheel Monitor Product Features

Functions RM-50 RM-60 RM-60-D Balancer Proviso
Lifts the trailer axle in reverse X X X   X
Activates the trailer back up light/alarm X X X    
Inserts a steer axle locking pin for straight operations X X X    
Activates dome/chassis lights for night safety X X X    
12 volt operation X X X X X
Electronic locking device >60km/hr   X X    
4-way flasher controlled weight distribution device   X      
Trailer brake air pressure monitor   X X X X
10 mile per hour air suspension exhaust dump valve     X    
Automatifally lifts axle when empty       X X
Maximum load indicator light       X X
Meets 5&6 Axle SPIF Regulation X X      
Save time & money by automation X X X X X
Reduce maintenance costs on tires and axles X X X X X
Reduce fuel       X X
Certified in Ontario & Quebec SPIF regulations X X      
Inproved load stability X X X    
Easy installation X X X X X
Low cost X X X X  
US FMCSA regulation 393.207     X    
Alberta Transportation        X X
Minimize frequency of infractions       X X